Casestudy : California Mexican Restaurant



GoodDay is a restaurant located near National Tsing-Hua University, Hsinchu. Competition in the industry has always been tough in the nearby area. Since 60% of revenue comes from students, regularly, it drops sharply to 40%-50% during summer vocation. Yet, things changed at the end of August this year.
Goodday subscribed the CoolBeeWiFi service. Within just 3 weeks, the number of GoodDay FB fans grew dramatically from 365 to 466. This is calculated more than 6 times of the growing rate compared to past years.


access_icon “Like”ing The fan Page to Get Internet Access
GoodDay uses fans “Like” and her fan page as a social marketing strategy using Coolbee service. Posts coming from the fan page quickly show on news feed of GoodDay customers’ FB friends. As a result, sale increases 15%.


Allowing Fans to Receive First-Hand Information of Any Good Deals
When GoodDay fans login CoolbeeWiFi social marketing platform, they got coupons exclusively for their own. Comparing to the traditional way of posting on Facebook fan page, Coolbee provides a more active way of distributing information to promote the growth of the business.


Analysis of The Marketing Data
Coolbee provides useful analysis reports of the fans’ activities. For instance,fans of Goodday are most likely to be in the range of 25-34 years old and the sex ratio of the fans is around 50%:50%, so Goodday decided to provide lunch special with a smaller portion one and a larger portion and successfully attracted young couples.

 Efficiently Managmanagement_iconing Could Saves Both Time And Resources
CoolBeeWiFi is built with a powerful scheduling feature, allowing stores to post their marketing information up to one month in advance to cloud server. When fans are granted access to the Internet, he system will automatically post information of the store to the Facebook fan page as well as the scheduled comments.
In GoodDay case, the CoolBeeWiFi platform has generated a remarkable efficiency in marketing and help store revenue within a few weeks. This implies that we can surely expect more from the platform’s social marketing ability in a long term base.

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